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Institute of Systematic Theology

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Institute of Systematic Theology

Előd Szabó, PhD, associate professor, Head of the Institute

Courses: Church history, Hungarian church history, Cultural history, History of art in the church, History of Christian education

Tamás Németh, Habil. PhD, professor

Courses: Systematic theology, Introduction to theology, History of philosophy, Ethics

Jacob Doedens, PhD, associate professor

Courses: Calvinist confessions, Applied theology

Zoltán Balikó, PhD, associate professor

Courses: Introduction to theology, Calvinist confessions

Pál Huszár, PhD

Courses: Language of the German Protestantism, Institutional church rhetoric and protocol

Zsófia Fügedi, Rácsokné, JD

Courses: Church legislation

Mihály Márkus, Emerit. PhD

Courses: Hungarian church history

József Hudi, PhD, researcher

Courses: Church history

József Köblös, CSc, researcher

Csaba Grigely

Courses: Latin language, Logics

Cseperke Tóth, Borsiné, Drs.

Courses: Ethics, Applied Theology, Calvinist confessions

Gergely Antal Sárközi, Drs.

Courses: Library cataloguing


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