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Admission exams

Admission exams

The exams are usually held in April over the course of two days, when the applicants – if necessary – are provided with accommodation and meals.

At the admission exam for the (Reformed) Degree in Theology (12 and 10 semesters) the candidate must demonstrate his or her knowledge of and commitment to the Scriptures and the confessions of the Reformed Church, his or her vocation to become a minister or theologian and an ability for communication.

At the admission exam for the Degree of Teacher of Christian Faith (BA) the applicants are interviewed about their commitment to the Scriptures and confessions of the Reformed Church and their vocation to become religious educators. 

The admission process for the short-cycle degrees (Teacher of Christian Faith and Ethics; Pastoral Care and Counselling; Principles and Practice of Preaching) consists of a short interview with the applicant about the curriculum of the course.

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