Mission statement


Pápa Reformed Theological Seminary is part of the Reformed Church of Hungary and is one of the major tertiary institutions where theological students for the Reformed Church of Hungary are trained. It is an independent body with its own Charter.


It sees as its major responsibility to train students of theology at the highest possible level. In accordance with the Hungarian Reformed Theological Universities/Seminaries of the Carpathian Basin, it offers an undivided degree to train ministers for the Hungarian Reformed Church thus providing the opportunity for student mobility.


Due to the historical nature of the Seminary its first responsibility is to train ministers for the Transdanubian (Dunántúli) Diocese. It aims at passing on the spiritual heritage of the Hungarian Christian Community of the Carpathian Basin. It upholds the values of the Reformation and supports its catholic spiritual, educational and, cultural heritage.


It is co-operating with other higher educational faculties, cultural associations, with other Hungarian and foreign theological universities, scientific educational faculties and organizations. It encourages training and research in an open ecumenical environment, in commitment to the Scriptures and the statements of faith of the Reformed Church of Hungary.